About us

About AAI founders, vision and own technology

Who we are

We are three partners united by an interest not only in music and art, but also in the development of techniques for improving sound recording and reproduction, because our professional focus is a combination of these areas.

Musical art is an integral part of our lives, we live by music not only as listeners, but also as active musicians, players of acoustic instruments. Thanks to this non-standard combination and rich experience in these areas, we approach our product development not only with a clear idea of music, but also with new experience and knowledge gained over more than a decade of using new methods in materials research, which we carry out.

Our mission

Based on many years of research and experiments, we have developed a unique technology that has completed the period of searching for new possibilities on the way to improve not only reproduction but also sound recording.

We called our unique technology Interference Suppression Technology (IST).

Our passion

Our greatest and common passion is music in its manifold forms. We do not assume a definite attitude as for the music genre or aesthetics, but as players of musical instruments we definitely love the genuine and, in the case of audio technology, undistorted sound of acoustic instruments and human voices.

As we develop our technology, we have tested and compared a huge number of cables and isolators, so we dare to say that we bring to market unique products that are not the result of compromise, but on the contrary, a benefit in the "analytical" sense without any loss of musicality or "color" saturation of acoustic instruments. Experience with our products raises many questions by the sound connoisseurs as to how we “achieved it”, but our technology is, of course, the subject of a trade secret.