Interference suppression technology (IST)

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Based on many years of research and experiments, we have developed a unique technology that has completed the period of searching for new possibilities on the way to improve not only reproduction but also sound recording.

We called our unique technology "Interference Suppression Technology (IST)".

It is intended for processing and treatment of materials, conductors and insulators in order to modify their properties not only to resist, but also to absorb and eliminate negative phenomena, especially in connection with electromagnetism and resonances. We use this unrivalled technology in the production of all our products, including anti-resonance pads, which results in an inimitable, significantly positive effect on the reproduction quality of any audio system or individual components, regardless of the category and price of the products.

These are not changes at the level of nuances, or in the way of "a quid pro quo basis", but fundamental and positive changes in all parameters of sound, perceptible even by less experienced listeners. Thanks to the IST technology, new quality possibilities open not only for reproduction, but also for sound recording.