Pads Ultra

Height 39
Top diameter 50
Bottom diameter 56
Weight (g) 547
Max. carrying capacity (kg) 300
Thread adapter (thread M8) +
Height adjustable -
IST version 4 Ultra
Available colors No color, Black


AAI pad series are produced in different sizes – Mini / Midi / Maxi / Ultra.

Our pads is not just another attempt to use materials of different hardness (density) in combination with ceramic balls with their "innovative" arrangement or design solution, and in this way try to influence, with greater or lesser success, the unwanted resonances of individual components, or speakers. There is much more to it.

The materials and components of the products like stainless steel, ceramic balls, are all processed by our unique IST technology, which brings this kind of accessories to a new level. In principle, even pads are not only about resonances. All materials and products made from them, regardless of how they are usually divided in physics textbooks (conductive–non-conductive, magnetic–non-magnetic, higher–lower density), show electromagnetic “activity”. In the world we live in, we don’t have at our disposal, and we can’t produce, substances, materials, and thus even products that are absolutely non-conductive and non-magnetic, only more or less conductive and magnetic. This means that, in fact, everything around us is in constant electromagnetic interaction and therefore affects each other more or less. Based on our research, it appears that even when developing products to eliminate unwanted resonances, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of electromagnetic interference. We also used this knowledge in the development of our pads, where all product components are modified with our IST technology in order to eliminate not only the influence of unwanted resonances, but also interferences related to the electromagnetic “activity” of the materials.

For a better understanding of the issue, it is convenient to imagine our pads as certain types of “switches” that can interrupt the “living” contact of any object placed on them with the environment. It is possible to check it in a simple way. If the listener has cultivated sense of hearing, he/she can put our pads underneath a chair, table, or anything of a certain size in the listening room, and they will hear that the sound of the audio system will improve.

The degradation of sound, which occurs due to mutual “live” contact of materials (objects) that are not modified by our IST technology, can be verified by listening directly to the audio system. If, for example, it will be ensured that the cables leading from the components do not touch the base on which they lay and our pads are placed underneath, this eliminates another “live” contact; in this case the surface of the cable that is connected to the component and to the base at the same time.

So it's not just about resonances, because as mentioned, any material exhibits both electrical and magnetic “activity” and undesirable interactions occur when they are in contact with each other or when they are too close to each other. Of course, all of this has a cumulative effect, and therefore, as a result, a significant impact on the functioning of any audio system. These undesirable interactions arising at a problematically measurable level and the elimination of these undesirable phenomena and the resulting problems are the subject of our years-long research. For this purpose, we have developed the aforementioned IST technology, which we use to process all materials and components of our products.

When using our pads under the speakers, it is possible to intensify the effect by using our special pads also under the speaker cables, which restrict undesirable contact of the speaker cables with the floor. The ideal situation occurs when the entire audio chain, including the cables, is stored on our pad system; then the sound of the given system reaches a new, unknown level.

Pads are produced in Mini, Midi, Maxi, Ultra sizes, which corresponds to their name. The effect of the positive influence of the pads is graduated, this means that the most significant impact on the audio system can be achieved with our largest “Ultra” pads. However, it is possible to combine pads from individual series and also choose the place of use at your own consideration.

As for the design, it is a system with several ceramic balls placed in layers in such a way as to ensure not only the “dissipation” of resonances in the desired direction, but as mentioned before, the properties of the materials and the components of the products are modified and designed in such a way as to eliminate problems related to electromagnetism.

This property fundamentally distinguishes our pads from the competition, which can be heard in practice as a significant improvement in sound in all parameters.